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Heartland Acres
13820 David Dr.
Kearney, Mo. 64060

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This is Miss Aggie.
  Yard  Manager.
Welcome to the Heartland. We would like to thank you for visiting
           the  website and give you a little history on our begining.
When George and I first met he was running bird dogs and judging
            field  trials. So , that took us to the walking horses, and trail
riding. Not long after that we bought a couple of stallions, one we
            stood at the barn, the other we started showing in the
Plantation classes.  We aquired eighty some blues on him before
            selling him. Over the years since then we started  showing
performance horses and that brings us to our last Stallion purchase.
            He is the last colt of the late great Prides Generator.
His name is Generator's Finale. He has a huge stridding  rear end                   with that natural four beat gait.        
Thanks for visiting us on the web and feel  free to call or e-mail .
             Be sure to sign the guest book  before leaving this site.
We are located just off I-35 west of Kearney, Mo. Please , feel free
             to stop by .             
                                            Thanks again,
                                 George  Craig & Sheila Hale
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